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Inrobot Machine

About Inrobot Machine

Inrobot Machines are SPM’s with a robust and sturdy design for sanding, oiling, bottom grooving, circle feeding operations. The structural and electrical design of our machines is designed in such a way that our robots can easily work on these machines without any human interference.

They can be used manually or automatically by our robots and have high production capacity, ease of operation and give consistent quality. Our machines are fully servo operated and PLC controlled which provides the ability of minute adjustments within 0.1 mm while setting up the machine for mass production.

Having a user friendly Human Machine Interface (HMI) makes our machines highly programmable and adds a benefit of quick adapting to changing products and batch production.

Name Edge Cutting Machine Edge Cutting and Bottom Grooving Machine
Process Flow Radial/Axial Cutting Radial/Axial Cutting + Bottom Grooving
Application Scope Aluminium Cookwares with Diameter 120 - 360 mm
Production Efficiency Each Machine can produce 240 - 300 pcs/h
Strength The machines are equipped with servo feed system which is adjustable and adaptable.
Name Belt Sanding Machine Wheel Sanding Machine
Application Scope Stainless Steel cookwares with diameter 120 - 360 mm
Production Efficiency Each machine can produce 240 - 300 pcs/h
Strength Small foot space required, high efficiency. The machines uses closed loop servo control system which helps in profile modelling and following the position data.
Name Oiling and Positioning Machine Material Feeder
Application Scope Used for applying lubrication on circles, checking double sheets and centering of circles Used to store circles and feed them one by one to oiling and positioning machine
Production Efficiency Each machine can feed 500 - 600 pcs/h
Strength "Robust and simple design, high efficiency. Max Circle size 600 mm. These machines work together along with 2 Axis Robot as a circle feeding setup and can work at a maximum speed of 15 pieces per minute. The output per minute is also dependent on the speed of press machine.