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Metal Cover Forming Production Line

Short description about Metal Cover Forming Production Line

  • 1] Metal Cover Forming Production Line for pressure cookers lids combines robots and machines to form a complete automatic production line for carrying out operations such as drawing – trimming – lug bending – GRS/handle hole piercing – etc.
  • 2] It is designed and organised according to customer’s production process requirements and products to be manufactured. It can be designed for both Stainless Steel and Aluminium pressure cooker lids.
Metal Forming Automatic Production Line
Application Scope 201/202/430/304 stainless steel/Aluminium circles with 200 - 600 mm
Process Flow Feeding - Oiling - Centering - Drawing - Pushing out - Recentering - Edge Cutting - (Lettering - Punching Hole)
Production Efficiency 400 - 600 pcs/h
Strength The production line can be modified according to the customer's production process requirements to produce different size of pots.