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Sanding/Matt Finishing Production Line

Short description about Sanding Automatic Line

  • 1] Sanding/Matt Finishing operation is generally conducted on stainless steel cook wares and pressure cookers to save production time by avoiding buffing or polishing and make the product aesthetically attractive at the same time.
  • 2] This line combines 2 Servo driven Sanding Machines operated by T4X Manipulator to reduce the cycle time per piece and increase productivity.
Sanding Automatic Line
Application Scope Stainless steel pots with 120 - 360 mm diameter
Process Flow Centering - Feeding - Matt Finish/ Sunray/ Sanding
Production Efficiency Each machine can produce240 - 300 pcs/h
Strength The production line can be modified according to the customer's production process requirements to produce different size of pots.