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Circle De Burring and Cleaning Production Line

Short description about Edging and Cleaning Automatic Line

  • 1] Circle de burring is generally done for stainless steel circles having small burr particles after the blanking process. These small burr particles around the circle edge could potentially reduce the life of dies used for drawing process.
  • 2] Hence to remove these burrs a material feeder feeds the circles to 4 arms robot which then feeds them to rotating emery flap wheel stations to remove the burrs. The circles are then washed using a small washing line and stacked again using an automatic stacker.
Edging and Cleaning Automatic Line
Application Scope Round Stainless Steel circle with 200-800 mm and thickness of more than 0.4 mm
Process Flow Feeding - Edging - Cleaning - Drying - Stacking
Production Efficiency 600 - 900 pcs/h
Strength This automatic line can be adjusted according to different sizes of circles very easily, centers automatically, clean and dry simultaneously and can stack the circles again.