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About Shriram Udyog

Shriram Udyog has entered in joint venture with Inrobot Technology ltd. Hong Kong and is a high-tech enterprise specializing in hardware and intelligent manufacturing. We have developed exclusive robots for cookware industries, sheet metal forming and processing industries and have combined automatic productions with ‘One stream’ intelligent lean production.

We have gained exclusive expertise in mixing automatic cutting – drawing – pressing – trimming – curling – lathing operations and even mixing surface treatment process such as metal cleaning, sanding/polishing in our automatic line. We do this with the help of fool-proof operation systems which control the robots designed to finish the corresponding techniques and motions assigned to them.

Our effort in the cookware industry has turned standard production into intelligent pressing factories. Our robots and smart devices are used as means to assist customers in solving problems related to hardware production. We use the most professional technology and the most intimate service to protect the hardware production of our customers and grow together. Inrobot has successfully provided automation solutions for production for many big companies such as Klassic Wheels Ltd., Grupo Antolin India Pvt. Ltd., TTK Prestige Ltd., Siddhi Industries, A B Rolling Mills Pvt. Ltd., Midea group, Supor group, etc.

We ask our customers to take care of the sales and hand over the production to us. We hold the leadership position in the cookware and sheet metal industry.

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